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Catharina Lüder, M.A.



Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Institute for European Ethnology and Cultural Analysis
Oettingenstr. 67
80538 Munich

Further Information

Dissertation Project

"Urban practices in dealing with climate change"

Everyday practices always relate to a changing environment. In context with climate change adaptation and mitigation urban forms of living together are changing as well. This dissertation project looks into everyday cultural practices, narratives and logics that make up how urban dwellers relate to their local area, specifically urban nature, and how that is influenced by a global debate around climate change issues. The aim is to compare small to medium-sized cities, which have not been in focus of (social-) environmental research yet, but where locally grounded strategies to live with climate change are more and more gaining hold.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christiane Schwab