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Elad Ben Elul

Elad Ben Elul



Tel-Aviv University
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Faculty of Social Sciences
Ramat-Aviv, 69978


Further Information

Dissertation Project

Building a digital home: Materiality and Technology of the Urban Ghanaian House

This upcoming PhD research will ask how digital technology is embedded in urban houses of “developing” countries. By focusing on the Ghanaian middle class as a key socio-economic and cultural group I will examine the rapid changes undergoing Africa in terms of urban development, housing, family structures and technologies.

Focusing on the Ghanaian middle-class family and especially the house as a material unit set under particular geographic, cultural and economic settings, the research will generate a detailed body of knowledge on maintenance, transformations, consumption and sustainability in urban Africa alongside the more cultural meanings of family, history and ritual.

The main contribution of this study is in Anthropology, African studies, developmental studies, urban sociology, material culture and digital humanities. The research is of particular value to those interested in African Middle-Class, technology in Africa and urban houses.

Supervisors: Prof. Ofra Goldstein Gidoni and Prof. Galia Sabar