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Livnat Konopny-Decleve

Livnat Konopny-Decleve, M. A.



Israel Tel Aviv University
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Faculty of Social Sciences
Ramat-Aviv, 69978

Phone: 972-52-6442747

Further Information

Dissertation Project

Self-Exile of Israeli Jews Following Dissent over Israeli Occupation and Control of Palestine

"I'll never visit Israel. I will visit the land when it is Palestine."
Gilad Atzmon

"It came to the point where I was no longer physically able to walk into a courtroom and address the judge as 'Your Honor.' I felt I just couldn't say the words anymore. As a gesture of protest, I closed my Jerusalem law office and left the country."
Felicia Langer

This research focuses on the perception of political action and perception of sovereignty of Israeli-Jews, who, following their dissent over Israeli control over the Palestinian territories and population, have exiled themselves from Israel and either moved abroad or moved to the Palestinian National Authority or Arab localities within the Green Line. I wish to explore the way these Israelis narrate their withdrawal from the State of Israel: their understanding of the act of withdrawal (as a political action or as the abandonment of political activity) and their perception of the sovereign power of the state from which they have withdrawn.


Supervisor: Dr. Khaled Furani