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Alex Gibbons

1st Year


University of The Highlands and Islands
Institute for Northern Studies
Scott’s House
Grainshore Road

Phone: (+44) 7871 690605

Further Information

Dissertation Project

"A tradition at risk? Vernacular thatching in the Highlands and Islands and its shared heritage throughout the Inner and Irish seas"

This research will study thatching traditions of the regions surrounding the Inner and Irish Seas, to establish whether a shared identity can be found in its vernacular architecture. Through the lens of intangible cultural heritage, it will seek to understand and value thatching as a form of culture in its own right, by taking a holistic view of the craft from field to roof, as well as how skills are passed between craftspeople and generations. By understanding shared heritages and current challenges in an interregional context, the research hopes to build resilience in what is currently an ‘at risk’ craft.



Prof. Ullrich Kockel

Prof. Mairead Nic Craith