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Niamh MacKenzie, M.A.

2nd Year


University of the Highlands and Islands Institute
Institute for Northern Studies,
Grainshore Road,
Scott’s House,
KW15 1FL,

Further Information

Dissertation Project

Drystane Dyking: Understanding Cultural Significance and Developing Skills in Scottish Island Communities

Using an ethnological approach, this project explores the cultural significance of drystone construction in Shetland and Orkney. Framing traditional crafts as Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), it explores how skills training can be provided to promote sustainable development in rural contexts. The research will examine how UNESCO’s 2018 inscription of drystone walling as ICH impacts on its international perception. The research assesses how islanders can be better supported to create opportunities in drystone walling for creativity, training, and tourism.

Supervisors: Professor Prof Mairéad Nic Craith and Professor Ullrich Kockel