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TRANSFORMATIONS: A new voice on culture, politics and change.

A group of members of our doctoral program have developed a collaborative blog on anthropology dealing with anthropological topics, questions, and methods for a wider audience. It aims to bridge the gap between anthropology and the public sphere.

TRANSFORMATIONS is a medium through which dedicated and critical anthropologists put their thoughts, experiences and research insights up for discussion using a full range of digital opportunities including text, images, audio and video.

Scholars connect their research with themes of a broad public relevance, while also making the personal and often emotional act of research in social and cultural anthropology accessible to a wider audience. The blog’s authors aim for a creative, rich and accessible style of writing that is easy to understand, so that they can put people and their life-stories into the spotlight.

The program's alumni Miriam Gutekunst, Angela Firmhofer, Andreas Hackl, Daniel Kunzelmann, and Seraina Mueller are part of its editorial team.

Check out the blog and spread the word: