Promotionsprogramm "Transformationsprozesse in Europäischen Gesellschaften"

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Basic Information


Doctoral projects should cover research areas described in the profile.

It is possible to participate in the program via any of the participating universities. Prospective doctoral students have to enroll at the university where their primary supervisor is based. We recommend that applicants contact the program coordinator before submitting their applications.

Applicants must hold an excellent Master’s level degree in European Ethnology, Cultural or Social anthropology, or a related area awarded by an accredited institution of higher education. In Munich, the International Office of LMU is responsible for evaluating foreign degrees.

Before applying, applicants must contact a potential supervisor at one of the participating universities (members of the academic board) and agree on the supervision.


Due to its international character, English is the official language of the program. The workshops and schools are conducted in English, but there are also some German-language events and seminars at LMU, the University of Basel and the University of Graz. International students in attendance receive support from a German-speaking peer if necessary.

Applicants have to provide certificates attesting to their language skills. Their knowledge of English has to correspond to Level C1/advanced (CEF). Students have the opportunity to attend classes at the LMU Language Center. Some of the English classes are offered before the starting date of the doctoral program. An organization called ‘Deutschkurse bei der Universität München e.V.’ offers German classes.

The LMU’s International Office is responsible for evaluating language qualifications.

Application Procedure

Before applying, applicants must contact a potential supervisor at one of the participating universities (members of the academic board) and agree on the supervision.

Candidates have to submit their applications through an online platform provided by the GraduateCenterLMU. The application consists of the following documents:

  • A cover letter describing their education and academic background and how their research interests relate to the research areas of the doctoral program
  • A detailed CV
  • A research proposal outlining their doctoral project, including information on research questions and the theoretical and methodological approaches to be used; a survey of the current state of literature and research in their chosen area; and a timetable for completion (not more than five pages in total)
  • Degree transcripts, evidence of internships and time spent studying abroad
  • Evidence of foreign language skills (e.g., TOEFL)
  • One reference written by an academic teacher

The documents have to be submitted in English. A panel of academics participating in the program reviews the applications and invites a selection of applicants for interviews. In the interview, applicants will be asked to present their projects, and the panel members will discuss any open questions with them.

Follow this link for the online application tool of the GraduateCenterLMU:

Note: The online application tool is currently closed and will re-open in June 2024.